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About us

Actually, it’s not about us.  It’s about you. 

You, our customers, who can improve the planet by making conscious decision about consumption and waste and how you gift to friends, family and in your professional life.  Our goal is to do our part in sourcing and supporting products and services that have a positive impact on the planet.  You, our suppliers, who appreciate that our primary focus is providing top rated customer service and support. Our suppliers who understand that the quality, depth and breadth of their products mean very little if our customers aren’t satisfied.

You, our partners, who bring passion and expertise to solving the challenges ahead as we look to collectively improve the planet.

We are an online eco-friendly retailer, constantly searching for products that can have a positive impact on the planet and lives of those that user them.  Through our brands “Act Earth Wise” and “” we work to showcase our values and encourage the use of products that are better for the Earth.

Act Earth Wise is our global division that partners with charitable organizations and partners with missions that align closely with our own. Through training, community efforts, active participation and donations we look to inform and engage with our email members and online customers as events and activities take place around the world. looks to have a positive impact on gift giving, as we promote a sustainable message when purchasing gifts for your family and friends, products that have a positive impact on the Earth. 

We are extremely exciting by our growing corporate, small business and educational offering.  Where the opportunity exists to work with companies around the world to offer branded eco-friendly products to their customers, partners, and employees during the holidays or at conferences.

Goal and Leadership
Our goal is to assist our customers to find products that can improve their lives and create positive benefits for the planet. Our "Community Conversations” features information from a variety of sources that continually take the pulse of the health of the planet and its people.

If you have any questions about our products, support, or how to get involved in regional eco-activities, please    “Contact Us” to get a conversation started.