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Double Wall Vacuum Travel Sport Thermos - 500 ml

Original price $39.95
Current price $24.95
  • VERY PRACTICAL - is made with a resistant material that makes it a very durable product. Ideal product for personal use or for a beautiful gift.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE - These cups are the optimal size for any drinks that you may want to take any time.
  • Eco-Friendly- use over and over again! - won't break, even if you drop it or step on it! One 30 oz can help save up to 2,000 plastic bottles per year!
  • Easy to clean -it is super easy to clean
  • CUP FOR ANY BEVERAGE - They are perfect for any cold beverage that you may want to put into it. You can drink soda, soft drinks, water, beer, or just plain old apple juice with these cups.