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Portable UV Products Price Reduction
Portable UV Products Price Reduction

Commercial and Medical Grade Air Purifier - KY-APS-500


KY-APS 500 Medical Grade Air Purification System

Designed for Clinics, Offices, Hotels, Schools, and for Home use!

High capacity air purification suitable for spaces of 550+ square feet.  Developed with a CADR rate of 420m3/h the device will refresh the air in a space 4 times per hour.

Patent technology protects against particles down to 0.1 microns, while leveraging UV and Ozone safely, without any secondary pollution or risk to a person in the same area.


Product Overview
The device is a medical-grade air purifier designed specifically for clinical environments, but easy to use and safe in any workplace or home. The product utilizes multiple approaches to purify and disinfect the air in rooms up to 700 square feet. Three separate filtration systems are utilized to address environmental elements and chemical matter, and biological pathogens found in the air. 

 Innovative Filtering Solution

Stage 1 - Particulate Filtering
The first level of filtration is the pre-filter. Its function is to remove particulates in the air up to PM2.5 (particulate matter or particle pollution is the measure of solid or liquid particles in the air) about 1/30th the diameter of a human hair. For this reason, the unit has a certified filtering rate of 99.98% in removing dust, soot, pollen, and other allergens and particles. 

Stage 2 - Biological Filtering 
The second stage powers a high voltage, electrostatic purification filtering system (the same static electricity principle as rubbing a balloon on your head and then watching your hair stand up as it's attracted to the charge). The system leverages high voltage (8000 volts) to charge particulates and microorganisms and attract them to an electrode plate. The plate is exposed to UV light inactivating viruses and bacterium at a clinically tested sterilization rate of 99.96% or 0.1microns.

 Stage 3 - Chemical Filtering
The air then passes through the third and final plasma catalytic filter (similar to how a catalytic converter is used in a combustion engine car to reduce toxic gases). The third filter is designed to eliminate airborne chemicals associated with pollution and other airborne substances, this filter creates ozone to assist in the purification process, then eliminates it within the cabinet making the unit entirely safe for use in a home, office or clinic.

No Filter Replacements Required
All three filtering systems never need replacement. They can be cleaned simply by removing and washing with warm soapy water, dried, and replaced in the device periodically. 

Air Quality Sensors
The purifier has an optimum air quality feature (Air Quality Intelligence) that automatically measures the air quality in the room and operates until the optimum air quality level has been obtained.


While we always push to deliver our air purifiers in 10 to 14 days,  please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of this product.  We build to order each week to ensure our customers are receiving the exact configuration requested.

  • Ultra-low Ozone With double technology to control ozone. The ozone rate is less than 0.012ppm and without secondary pollution.
  • Low running cost No need consumable material, just need to clean the ESP regularly. Low wind drag, low power consumption, standby power 0.5W. Super low running cost.
  • Adaptive Control Technology To ensure a constant purification rate, the high voltage power supply adjusts the output voltage automatically to effectively manage the purification requirements caused by environmental changes.
  • Ultra-large Air Volume 5 steps adjustable wind speed, with a maximum air flow volume of 500lm³/h, the CADR is 420m³/h, ideal for offices and room from 30-100m².
  • Humanized HMI Touch key-press design, colorful display, that provides real-time air quality index, temp and humidity rates, 12-hour timer, ESP filter cleaning required prompt, with variety running mode like manual/auto/sleep.
  • Remove Formaldehyde and other Chemical Compounds High efficient at removing indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, toluene, xylol, etc, with a lab-tested remove rates greater than 94% effectiveness.
  • Highly Efficiency Sterilization of Bacterial and Viral Pathogens The device uses a high voltage electrostatic filtering system and controlled ozone and UV to deactivate organic pathogens at a  sterilized rate over 95%.
  • Remove Peculiar Smell Remove all kinds of peculiar smells and particulates in the air like ammonia, H2S, methyl, etc. with an effective removal rate of greater than 98%.