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Eco Friendly, Sturdy, Reusable, Super Absorbent, Organic Bamboo Paper Towel

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  • 💧SUPER ABSORBENCY💧: Thanks to the unbelievable natural absorbency of bamboo fibre, these carefully woven bamboo towels will absorb 3 times their weight in liquid - and maintain their absorbency through up to 10 wash & re-use cycles each. Without streaking or “pushing water around” these double-layered bamboo cloths effortlessly soak up liquids & mess. Providing more absorbency than traditional paper towels or cotton towels, these sustainable substitutes won’t let you down!
  • 🧺WASHABLE & REUSABLE🧺: Feel soft and gentle when opened - yet overcome the vigorous trials of your home and kitchen. Featuring our double-layered towel design and diamond-stitched weaving, each towel delivers results with extreme sturdiness, quick-drying benefits and enduring reusability. Hand wash to quickly reuse, or machine washes these towels for a deep clean - enjoying their super absorbency, sturdiness and odourless advantages each time.
  • 🌴100% NATURAL & RENEWABLE🌴: Bamboo is the #1 fastest growing plant on Earth and requires minimal amounts of freshwater to grow crops - from seed to harvest. Our bamboo fibre is gathered from renewable and cultivated crops, meaning we do not clear natural forest for our material. Featuring recyclable packaging and 100% biodegradable bamboo in our towels, you can confidently say “No” to waste and feel the power of making sustainable change – all while saving on disposable paper towels.
  • 🎋BAMBOO BENEFITS🎋: Extremely versatile thanks to the unique benefits of bamboo. Whether used as reusable paper towels, washcloths, kitchen towels, reusable napkins or wipes to clean your fruit and veggies, you’ll have an unrivalled eco-towel that has Earth’s back and yours, no matter what comes their way.