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HAY! CUTLERY - Full Case


HAY! Cutlery is ideal for your takeaway service, adding a plastic-free and upscale touch. Each piece of cutlery

is made from 100% bamboo, a renewable resource, and the fastest-growing “wood” on the planet. Technically

Bamboo is a grass and is naturally water-resistant and antibacterial. Each set is individually wrapped for

hygiene and convenience. The utensils and napkin are all compostable and the paper wrapper can be recycled.


  • -Contains 100 Cutlery Sets
  • -Contains 1 x Fork, Knife, Spoon, and Napkin
  • Made From Bamboo
  • 100% Compostable
  • Individually Wrapped
  •  Easy tear to open tab
  • Neutral Taste And Smell
  • Plastic-free Packaging
  • Shipping $10*/ case within the continental USA

Grab a case today for $49 and elevate your take out menu.