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"Karmacoma" Rectangle Necklace- Massive Attack X Legacy of War Collaboration

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"karma coma"


Born from artist and Massive Attack co-founder Robert del Naja’s vision to inform and create change, these unique pieces connect the stories of women such as Mrs. Mun from Laos, ARTICLE22 Laotian artisans who repurpose shrapnel and other scrap to support UXO clearance, and Legacy of War Foundation’s mission to help communities rebuild themselves.

Supporting communities affected by conflict, Legacy of War Foundation is an international charity that starts conversations and builds collaborations with conflict survivors, non-profits, and creatives. The foundation provides injured civilians in remote areas with prosthetics as well as a prosthetist and orthotic job training.

"I will never forget meeting Mrs. Mun in Laos several years ago. She was living in the village where she’d been born, Nummen. One of the most beautiful, lush valleys you could ever hope to see. Beneath the beauty, though, lies a terrible legacy. Nummen is one of the most heavily bombed places in the world. Between 1964 and 1973, one million cluster bomblets were dropped in the square kilometer around the tiny village.

Like the village, Mrs. Mun’s life is woven into that history. She was born in 1974, the year after the bombing ended, so should have escaped the conflict and been brought up in a time of peace. However, unexploded cluster munitions still contaminate the ground around her home. She was injured twice as a child as she worked the fields with her brother and daughter, they accidentally triggered an unexploded bomb (UXO). When she regained consciousness, she found they were both dead. ‘I can no longer work,’ she told me, ‘for now, whenever I visit the paddy fields, I still see the bodies of my daughter and brother in the water in my eyes.’

It is stories like this that led to the creation of Legacy of War Foundation, a charity supports communities and individuals to rebuild lives after conflict. For we have learned that war don't end when peace treaties are signed, they leave a legacy that can destroy lives for generations.

At Legacy of War, one of our key principles is collaboration. So we couldn’t be prouder than to be part of this collaboration between the band Massive Attack and the wonderful team at ARTICLE22. Born from artist and musician Robert del Naja’s vision for Massive Attack to inform and create change, these unique pieces connect the stories of women such as Mrs. Mun, ARTICLE22 artisans who repurpose shrapnel to support UXO clearance, and Legacy of War’s mission to help communities rebuild themselves" - Giles Duly

Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors, and further de-mining efforts.

Your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely & expertly clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

$95 clears 6m2 of Laotian landscape


4cm Peacebomb Aluminum Rectangle
28" Sterling Silver Ball Chain.

Comes complete with ARTICLE22 Story Card and handwoven, reusable Cotton Pouch

Hand cast re-purposed military grade aluminum – our PEACEBOMB Al metal includes Vietnam War-era bombs, plane parts, military hardware, and other aluminum scraps.

East meets West. Each PEACEBOMB Al piece is authentically handcrafted in Laos and finished in Vientiane or New York.

PEACEBOMB Al does not have to be removed in water. Metal does not tarnish and has been tested to determine that it is NICKEL FREE.

With wear, each PEACEBOMB Al piece becomes uniquely yours and will acquire a polished patina from the natural oils of your skin.