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Better Clean | Better Health 


UV light technologies can eliminate most germs and pathogens

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Germs are Everywhere 

At home, at work and while traveling you’re continually in contact with germs, viruses and bacterial pathogens that show on public items you touch and your personal belongings. 

UV Light a Better Clean 

Traditional cleaning products can be effective but often include harmful chemicals and use nonrenewal plastic containers. Our mission is to continual look for solutions to problems that minimize plastic waste. UV light, when used properly, is an effective alternative. 

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Product image

The Power of Light 

We work with light scientist who have experience developing products based on light technology. It led us to explore and invest in companies that manufacture UV products that can help to reduce plastic and offer a cleaner clean.

Getting Involved 

Act Earth Wise continually invest in products and partnerships that are better for people and the planet. Typically starting with replacing plastic products with stainable products and practices. If you frequent a beach or your local landfill you’ll quickly realize that plastic containers used in cleaning product represents a high percentage of the plastic waste found. It’s exciting to see manufacturers creating new packaging and products to support the reduction of plastic. Our Wise UV product lines address the need to clean and remove pathogens typically associated with flus, viruses, diarrhea, nausea and the common cold. With flu outbreaks continuing to increase and new viruses globally impacting our lives. We believe these products are another effective approach to keeping your family safer during flu season and the entire year.