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  • The Art and Science of Face Masking

    The Art and Science of Face Masking

    While it’s possible to contract the coronavirus through contact and items we touch containing droplets of the virus, research is showing that the virus is most often spread through the air or airborne transmissions (the virus is suspended in the air as an aerosol in fine particles). Whether through coughing, sneezing, singing, or loud conversations the ability for an infected person to spread the virus through the air is central to the CDC's, doctors, and many of our politicians encouraging or mandating the use of masks to aid in controlling the spread of Covid-19.  Informative and entertainment, Dr. Mike Hansen does an excellent job of explaining so many aspects of this pandemic on his YouTube channel, I encourage you to check him out and even subscribe for expert advise on how exactly the virus spreads.
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  • Reopening of Schools

    Reopening of Schools

    I've had the honor of being a teacher several times since college at the high school and university levels. And while I'll never forget my 10th-grade biology students from Newfound Regional High School in New Hampshire, I don't think any students impacted me more than a group of preschoolers I taught (or perhaps better stated as taught me) one Summer between semesters. There was something about the interaction. It was hands-on, physical, interactive and full of wonderment. I think about that experience often. Through this closeness, I felt connected. I had been entrusted to have a positive impact on someone's child. I'm sure this feeling is shared by millions of teachers every day throughout the world. 

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  • Calculating Air Purification

    Calculating Air Purification

    A good friend asked me the other day, "where do you get so many ideas from to write your newsletter and blogs as busy as you are?" and I replied, "my customers." While this is true, I left out, "what else am I supposed to do under stay at home directives from our governor." Until this year, my professional life could have been measured in frequent flyer miles, traveling all over this amazing planet. Inhaling the breath and germs, and undoubtedly catching colds and cases of flu, from countless travelers. 
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