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Shop our Collection of Planet Conscious Products
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I love the Swedish cloths!! My daughter introduced me to them. They are awesome! They are so absorbent and dry fast. I may never use another dishcloth. I wish I would have had them when my kids were little. Great for wiping the counter, stove, appliances. They go in the washer and dryer too! Great product!! I am telling all my friends!! :)

Anne E. C.

They have held up for a year with minimal snagging of fabric. shape has been distorted from washing, but they are still absorbent. very cost-effective vs paper towels, and no waste.


I wanted to get these to reduce my plastic waste. I am pleased that they don't have the plastic wrapping. Everything came in paper boxes. The look is super cute. It is not 100% compostable due to the nylon so you'll have to pull them out. Overall its better for the environment so it is worth the purchase.

Paul H

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