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Peacebomb Peace Bangle

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The Peacebomb “Peace” Bangle is cast from re-purposed military grade aluminum including Vietnam War-era bombs, plane parts, military hardware, and other aluminum scraps. Engraved with the word “Peace” in 22 different languages:

Mandarin, Spanish PAZ, English PEACE, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, German FRIEDEN, Malay/Indonesian KEDAMAIAN, Vietnamese HÒA BÌNH, Korean, French PAIX, Persian, Turkish BARIŞ, Italian PACE, Thai, Polish POKÓJ, Dutch VREDE, Lao, Swedish FRED, Hmong KEV TIAJ TUS

As part of the “Buy Back the Bombs” movement, your purchase provides fair employment for artisans in Laos and also helps clear landmines so families can safely travel around and farm their land. This bangle = 3 square meters cleared!

Size: 2.6” interior diameter